Christopher Norman Chocolates is delighted to announce our relocation from New York City to Halfmoon Bay on British Columbia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast.  Christopher Norman Chocolates’ Master Chocolatier John Down, is thrilled to be returning home to the West Coast of Canada following 25 years as co-founder and owner of one of New York City’s premiere chocolate companies.

In the spirit of the West Coast’s bold melding of traditions and cultures, John Down has created a signature series of 10 artisanal, hand-made chocolate bars featuring flavours such as Hazelnut Gianduja, Salted Caramel and Wild Berry.

Only the highest quality natural ingredients go into the making of our exclusive chocolate bars.  Let us tempt you with a ‘taste’ of our mouth-watering ingredients: Valrhona chocolate from France, espresso coffee from Italy, blood oranges from California, hazelnuts grown in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, succulent baby ginger from Australia.

Christopher Norman Chocolates’ Premier Chocolate Bar Series delivers a truly innovative and satisfying flavour experience.


Introducing Christopher Norman Chocolates’ Premiere Chocolate Bar Series: New York sophistication combined with European craftsmanship reinvents the Art of Chocolate in a contemporary West Coast taste sensation.